Sunday, April 05, 2009

Malaysia GP 2009

Well, what can you say?

Jenson's done it again. He did race well, and Brawn got the strategy right, as they were clearly good in the untested wet conditions (other than the passing of champagne to the rest of the crew!). However, it is yet to be seen when Jenson actually wins a full, unhindered race, as he has pretty much followed the safety car to victory in both of the races so far. I also wonder if the No. 22 car is a lucky one, as Lewis won with a No. 22 car last season. Probably just chance. I bet Richard Branson is still laughing is virgin ass off.

Considering the race finished with those in the points scoring positions received half of the points they'd attain if the race progressed to at least 75%, then, I wonder what would've happened if Bernie's olympics-style medal system had been put in place? Half a medal? What a farce.

Regarding the diffuser conroversy, I found some interesting info on it. Ross Brawn, somewhat of a Formula one legend now, (or at least soon to be!) really is a genius. He stated back last year about the diffuser area of the regulations needing to be reviews, but subsequently got rejected. And, as he puts it, "there were things that you could do...but nobody was interested. They are interested now." Full article:

As for Hamilton, KERS is becoming his favourite feature of the MP4-24, as without it, he would on doubt be one of the stragglers at the back. His fight with the Red Bull car was difficult as the pace of the Red Bull car is clearly faster, and Hamilton HAD to use KERS to recover his position.
As for the stewards' enquiry, all I can say is, Hamilton, STOP being such a puppet! Even the commentators said to Whitmarsh, Hamilton is a man, not a boy, or words to that effect. I see the team were "misleading" him again, as in his post race interview, he thought he was 5th, and then pulled a face of "oops, I shouldn't have said that!"...I mean, look where that got him last weekend!
His teammate meanwhile, seems to be taking the role of a test driver this season, with him not making the 1st turn in both races so far, but only doing practice and qualifying.

Heidfeld was 2nd again, for the 6th time in his F1 career. Seems like pole escaped him yet again. The broadcasting on BBC never seem to show BMW using its KERS system, so I wonder how effective it is on his car, especially considering his teammate doesn't use it, and didn't even get past the 1st turn.

Nico Rosberg really seems to be unfortunate, as he is able to put in decent lap times in the practice sessions, but seems to have a similar fate as the Ferraris, albeit not so fatal. It must be the car's sensitivity to fuel loads and tyres, for both teams.

Now, Ferrari. They really don't have it good do they? Their strategists really are messing up this season, so far. Massa, failing to make it to Q3, how embarrassing. They really need to sort themselves out, and this time, can't spend their way out of trouble, as they have done in previous years. So much for Massa loving the F60. Last year he was pole. This year, far from it.
As for Raikonnen, well. Did you see him when the race was stopped? He thought he was on holiday! Straight for the ice-cream, flip-flops and shorts!

I bet his ice-cream was "DNF" flavour, no doubt with a hint of smoked KERS battery.


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